Professional Services


Graphic Design is a critical component in presenting Goods and Services to most, if not all target audiences. This visual image ‘tell’ your prospect what they can expect. It is literally, “WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET” And so, careful thought must be used when you invest in GRAPHIC DESIGN – that constant silent representation of your operation. More


The truth is there are some markets – gourmet food segment is one such – where product appeal is enhanced through the use of plain, old-fashioned hand sketched illustrations. I brings this artistic ability to our service mix Samples of Illustrations that I have done for clients will can be seen in my portfolio gallery.


“Vector animation” is a term used to refer to animation whose art or motion is controlled by vectors rather than pixels. Vector animation often allows cleaner, smoother animation, because images are displayed and/or resized using mathematical values instead of stored pixel values. One of the most commonly used vector animation programs that I use is Adobe Flash. You think it! I will illustrate it… traditional or digital art.


Your web site must attract traffic; and it should encourage interaction between your clients and the organization and the sites we will design and offer will produce just that. I develop economical, high-impact web sites that are meant to strengthen your business and just as importantly provides a no-hassle electronic environment for your client to interact with your designated officers. And, because a web site is a cost-effective “Window to the World”, we have the expertise to develop sites for any industry, or sector! More


I design and provide, optical disc authoring, including CD authoring and DVD authoring, known often as burning, in this process of recording source material ”video, audio or other data”onto an optical disc (compact disc or DVD)


I occasionally specialize in product and portrait photography. All photo shoot for client corporate poster, brochure and advertisements can be handled in house providing the client request this.


An excellent Logo design says a lot for your business. All our corporate and personal clients have one thing in common, the feeling of satisfaction. All of this is handled in house providing you the client the very best of your request. More


There is no better way to make your company stand out than a clean, intuitive mobile application and owned your own presence in the app market. Designtrendsmedia can work with you to give multiple iterations of designs until we find what best meets your needs.

We have introduced BuildMobi for you and any business owner. BuildMobi is a platform that allow you to do your mobile website and app all by yourself. Visit BuildMobi and start a free account.

A list of available services includes: • Logo Design • Corporate Identity • Website Designs • Signs/Trade Show Display • Newspaper/Display & Publication Ads • Billboard Designs • Catalogs/Brochures/Newsletters • Promotional Products • Presentations • Point-Of Purchase Displays