dpi-imgFor clients who often wondered about what exactly is DPI. Well, DPI (dots per inch) is a measurement of printer resolution, though it is commonly applied, somewhat inappropriately, to monitors, scanners and even digital cameras.

For printers, the DPI specification indicates the number of dots per inch that the printer is capable of achieving to form text or graphics on the printed page. The higher the DPI, the more refined the text or image will appear. To save ink, a low DPI is often used for draft copies or routine paperwork. This setting might be 100 or even 150 DPI. High resolution starts at 300 and 600 DPI for standard printers, and can far exceed that for color printers designed for turning out digital photography or other high-resolution images.

In the case of monitors, DPI refers to the number of pixels present per inch of display screen. For more information on this subject visit here: