About Me

portrait-9I am Delroy McDowell, graphic designer and occasional acrylic painter and avid martial artist. My scholastic achievement was gained from the Jamaica School of Art (now the Edna Manley School of the Visual and Performing Arts). I would like to think that I specialize in developing brand identities and designs for all aspects of branding to help position my clients beside or ahead of their competitors, ultimately making client businesses more profitable. Companies I have worked with include Jamalco, Kiwanis, University of the West Indies, Western Union, Yellow Pages (Jamaica), Guardsman Group Limited, Cable and Wireless (now LIME), Creative Director, Mac II Communications & Associates Ltd., Jamaica Stock Exchange, Jamaica Mortgage Bank, Churches Co-operative Credit Union (now First Heritage), Victory Bakery, Mothers, Scientific Research Council, just to name a few. I have been Self-employed since 1999, my business I think is more about my clients and less about me, The ideas I create did not just ensure my clients improving on their image and their business, but also create a time-stamp of the visual expressions that enable prospective clients to engage my services and connect with me to assist me as well in my livelihood and for me to take care of my family more effectively as a father. The testimonials on this site give a sense of what it is like to work with me. I have gained most, if not all of my work experiences in Jamaica and I am now pioneering the United States where I am desirous to continue to work with the great people back in Jamaica, and the United States and possibly all over the world. Guess I have big dreams. A selection of Graphic Design projects are in my design Portfolio. I will endavour to keep this current as I go along.

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My Interests

A painter, photographer and video-grapher, I spend much of my time designing advertisements, brochures, supplements, annual reports in printed and electronic formats. I am also very keen on the new frontiers in the trade such as website design and interactive media design.



As a graphic designer, my work has earned me several awards in the field. Among them an award for TOJ telecommunications logo competition and a PSOJ Award for a book design created for JAMALCo\’s land resettlement project.