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wpLifeGuard This is an excellent resources for  Client who has their website developed and based on the the WordPress CMS architecture. This site provides very good videos that shows how to use this versatile and simple CMS for website and blog. If you try their site out and ever decide to sign up for more of the many videos that they have, just use my referral link  above to do so.
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An absolutely useful Tool CSS Hat is really a cool tool and absolutely a must for website designers and developers. A colleague pass this on to me recently and I hop on over to the Black Magic web site (It must be as it just magically spree out the code!) to check it out. I found this really cool and is excellent for quick development and work flow especially if you are not a good programmer like myself. Check it out nuh!. You will be glad you did. Thanks Ricky. Nuff Respect.
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